Oral Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy

Oral cancer survival rate is significant from both victim’s and physician’s point of view. Rate of survival talks about approximate chances of a victim to survive from the time of oral cancer diagnosis. Oral cancer life expectancy varies from stage to stage and is maximum for first oral cancer stage. Chances to survive may also vary from victim to victim though all of them might be diagnosed for the disorder at same time and in same stage. Hence, different aspects influencing survival rate need to be studied well in order to understand reasons behind alteration in the same.

Oral Cancer Survival Rate – A Detailed Understanding

Oral cancer is a major form of cancer and may arise in one or more areas simultaneously. Prime areas wherein the tumors have more chances of development are lips, oropharynx, floor area of mouth, tongue, tonsils, and gums. Rates of survival are different for different organs and also depend upon overall health status of victim. Persons going through oral cancer recurrence have less chances of survival as compared to the ones not going through tumor re-development phase.

People who are used to habit of tobacco chewing have very high chances of suffering from oral cancer and usually record a low rate of survival in comparison to the ones not used to it. Same is the case with people who smoke regularly or drink alcohol heavily. These habits severely hit overall chances of survival and indirectly help in rapid progression of tumors from lower to higher stages.  People who are exposed to sun for an unusually high period on regular basis are also at a risk of  cancerous growth in oral region and record low survival rate in long-run.

Oral Cancer Survival Rate in Figures

According to latest statistics, cancer of oral areas is more common in men (almost double than women) and occurs mostly after 40 years of age. Hence, survival rate may differ according to age of victim and may decrease gradually as a person gets older.

American Cancer Society (United States of America) has recently released relevant statistics for survival rate. They can be understood as under.

Lip cancer is the most treatable among all forms of oral cancers. People suffering from first stage of this disorder have almost 96% chances to survive in first stage. The rate decreases slightly to 83% in second stage and goes to 57% in third one. In the last stage, the rate is around 48%.

Tonsil and oropharynx cancer shows lowest first stage survival rate of just 56%. It is around 55% for second stage and approximately 54% for third one. It is the only cancer wherein life expectancy for first three stages is almost similar. In the last stage, it goes to 43%.

Oral cancer life expectancy for tongue cancer is 71% for stage 1, 59% for stage 2, 47% for stage 3, and 37% for stage 4.

For those suffering from cancer of mouth floor, average chances of survival are 73% for initial stage and 60% for second phase. It is just 36% for third stage and 30% for the fourth one.

For gum areas, rate of survival is 81% for most primary stage and decreases to 62% for second one. For third and fourth stages, life expectancy is 45% and 40% respectively.

Oral cancer survival rate depends largely upon immune system of a person and the pattern of lifestyle he is used to. Healthy diet and strict restrictions on direct or indirect intake of carcinogens  can be beneficial to boost oral cancer life expectancy considerably. Suitable medical attention should be sought whenever necessary.

Resource: www.cancer8.com

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