Causes and Symptoms of Trigonitis

What is Trigonitis?
Trigonitis is a inflammatory condition that affects the trigone region of the bladder. Inflammatory lesions show up in this disease and cause discomfort in the patient. No exact factor has been understood that could cause trigonitis. This disorder is more often seen in women than in men. Risk factors linked with the disease are indwelling of a catheter for a prolonged period of time and any infection caused to the kidney region.

Trigonitis disorder is usually misunderstood as interstitial cystitis (IC). IC is characterized by inflammation of tissues of the bladder wall. This disorder shares most of its symptoms with trigonitis and thus, usually diagnosis is delayed. Treatment for both these disorders can be lengthy and less promising as there is no single effective treatment determined for both these disorders.

There is no clear cause linked with trigonitis, but research studies show that trigonitis is common in adult women of child bearing age. Thus, it is linked with hormonal changes in the body. While, it is yet to be established that hormonal changes have a clear impact to trigger trigonitis, some research studies have also indicated that this disorder is not associated with elevated estrogen levels.

Chronic irritation to the bladder region or recurrent infections of bladder or kidney can be linked with trigonitis. Also, a prolonged placement of catheter in the body may trigger infection leading to inflammation of the trigone.

Many patients are asymptomatic towards trigonitis. However, even if a person presents any symptom(s), there is usually a prolonged delay in the showing up of the first symptom and the actual diagnosis of this problem.

A few common symptoms of this disorder are bladder pain, abdominal pain, sudden and abnormal increase in urge to urinate, sensitivity to certain food items especially cranberry juice, chocolate and citrus fruits, reduced bladder capacity, difficulty in sitting, and pain during intercourse.

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